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“I am a dog breeder. Dog Lover. I am dedicated to spend my lifetime learning pedigrees, genetics, breed standards and learning from those in my breed and those outside it. I raise each litter as if I gave birth to them and spend an equal amount of time finding them loving forever homes. I only put animals on this planet that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nicest examples of their breed.

I support each family who chose one of my babies and let them… know they are now a part of our extended family. I celebrate their wins in shows with my stock. I shed a tear when one dies. I am there if one needs to come back. I hold them when they arrive and leave this world. I share my knowledge and socialize my dogs so that they will be the advertisement for my dedication.

I don’t keep track of the money and time I put in to my love of them, it would not be a true measure of how I feel. The price I charge for my babies is never profit, but investment in the next generationI am not ashamed of who I am… I work hard at being a good dog person and encouraging others to be the same. I am a breeder and I am proud of it. If we don’t support each other – we are doomed as a fancy.” ~ Anon

Allison Fowler



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Our Best Friend

If ever you want for the love of a pal,
or a friend who will be there when all else fails.
No farther need you look than the tops of your toes,
to see the twinkle of eyes, a genuine smile and a great wagging tail.


These are our active Rockstars that are currently competing! Watch for us in the show ring!


Meet the parents of our current and future Rockstars!


They may be gone however they have not been forgotten!

A Yorkie is loyal—truly a devoted companion, protective of household, as well as possessive of his family and surroundings.  You might think you own him, but actually, he really owns you—and your house, your car, your bed, and your favorite chair!! 

The Yorkie possesses unique traits.

They are not the sissy dogs that their beautiful coat with a bow in the hair would indicate.  The Yorkie does not shed hair as with most dogs and if they are bathed weekly are usually odorless.  If the coat is clipped, they are very easy to maintain.

The Yorkie is openhearted and affectionate, particularly appreciative to the one who feeds and looks after him.  He is ready to curl up at night with any of his loved ones and be the perfect companion dog.