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About Me

I have been showing and breeding Yorkshire Terriers for over 15 years. I came from a family that owned several breeds of dogs and some Heinz 57 dogs as I grew up. I can’t remember a time when we did not have at least one dog as part of our family. Although my parents did not show or breed dogs for showing, they were very attuned to the qualities of good breeding and my mother and I enjoyed many days wandering thru dog shows in awe of the splendid dogs represented. My last pet Schnauzer had passed away several years ago when I came home to find a little Yorkie puppy sleeping on my couch. It was a Christmas gift from my husband who we named Scamp. She had the personality that fit into our lifestyle-attentive and loving and she went everywhere with us.

We lost her one summer evening to coyotes that had gotten into our yard. We were devastated to think she was gone and in such a horrible way. We were heartbroken and soon felt the need to have another furry bundle of joy to love. I contacted a breeder that was recommended to us and we both fell in love with the two little puppies she had and knew we had to have them both. Britt was a few weeks younger than Kiwi and we waited impatiently for her to be able to join our family.

Our breeder thought that Britt might be show dog quality and offered to teach me about showing Yorkies. I knew right away this was what I had always wanted to do! Britt and I worked hard and with much effort on both our parts she finished her AKC Championship-one of my proudest moments in dog showing!

Since then many of her offspring-Grandbabies, Great Grandbabies, and Great Great Grandbabies have completed or are in the process of finishing their AKC and Canadian Championships.

I have learned much since those early days and share what I have learned when I can. I have learned that important ingredients to a successful breeding program are breeding for desired characteristics and temperament in both the dam and sire and spend many hours studying pedigrees of the great Yorkies past and present.

My goal is to breed healthy, exceptionally adorable Yorkies to the highest standard of the breed.

I have not accomplished this alone-many have contributed to breedings, knowledge, and pulling me up by my bootstraps when I needed it!

I am forever grateful to Terri Harle-Harle’s Yorkshire Terriers- for helping me get started in the beginning, to Nancy C Smith-JeNan Yorkies-for her knowledge and breedings to her gorgeous boys.  I am grateful to CD Lawrence for allowing me to finish and own the last of his Yorkie lines.  Thank you to Doreen Hubbard-Yorkboro Yorkshire Terriers- for allowing me to breed to her beautiful boys and to let me have Dancer to add to our showing and breeding program and to Lorraine Hayes-Pastoral Yorkshire Terriers for also allowing me breedings to her gorgeous boys and her advise and support!  Thank you to Terri (Puna) Bell for allowing me to breed to her Ollie and for her love, help and support and friendship as we go forward in this journey! And not to be last-my husband who started it all with Scamp and who has adjusted to the many little dogs we have to love and cared for them as I have traveled to shows across the country.  I could not have done this without all of you and your help!

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