CH Topknot’s Fusion of Kisses—Kylie  AKA Ky Ky

Kylie was the Granddaughter of Britt and the first champion to come from Britt’s lines.  Kylie lived up to her name to this day-she was filled with kisses and sweetness.  She won the Toy Dog Puppy Sweepstakes at  9 months of age over 50 other Toy breed puppies.  The judge commented that she had never seen a yorkie that moved as nicely as Kylie. She and I then went to the YTCA Roving in Chicago where she placed in all of the 8 shows-my first National placements! In New York at the YTCA National the following year we placed 3rd in the Bred By Exhibitor class-placing behind 2 breeders who had been breeding for 35+ years each-you can see in our picture how thrilled the judge and I both were! Kylie finished her Championship in style by placing over another female champion to achieve her last major and her AKC Championship !  Kylie was the mother of the Fabulous Five-her daughter Miss Snitch is the little one in the middle—later to become a Champion also.

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